(Story) How Mold Sickness Gets Misdiagnosed by Doctors

By | September 26, 2016

A Personal Story: Why Mold Sickness Commonly Gets Misdiagnosed by Doctors?
When toxic mold exposure gets misdiagnosed by ignorant doctors.

Mold is a serious problem that grows in homes worldwide. And every day people are being exposed to the toxins that mold can emit. The problem is, so many people are blind to the fact that they
have a mold problem in the first place. They might go to a doctor but your average doctor knows very little about mold exposure. And they certainly won’t recommend you call a remediation company.

Here’s a perfect example of how mold sickness gets misdiagnosed.

I’ll tell you the story of a patient I met years back. This man was in the marine industry working on boats. He use to weld and paint underwater. So for roughly 20 years he worked around all these fumes and chemicals.

Later in his life he moved to New Jersey. 

Right onto a piece of land outside a munitions plant that was build before World War 2. There was a lake by this new home that was prohibited to swim in. This was because the toxic level of chemical waste was dangerously high. So one week, he decides to dredge the front of the lake. Which was a few hundred feet of water. And pretty soon after this was done he developed explosive diarrhea. He couldn’t eat a bit of any food without immediately going to the bathroom. He had awful stomach pain. His doctor didn’t blink to put him on schedule II pain killers (synthetic heroin).

Long story short, he was believed (by me) to have been exposed to lots of of toxins, waste and chemicals.

When your immune system is effected as badly as this man, the first thing you feel is overwhelming fatigue. You’re too tired to cash a lotto check, too tired to go on vacation, you’re too tired to wake up from 10 hours of sleep. But eventually, like most, you will wind up going to a doctor.

But inevitably, most doctors will diagnose you with 1 of 3 problems:

  1. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS)
  2. Fibromyalgia
  3. Hypoglycemia

It doesn’t matter if you’re exposed to toxic mold or chemicals, those are the top 3 diagnoses doctors make.

But here’s the interesting part. The pattern is always the same. It’s always the same 5 things being affected. The immune system shuts down, the nervous system weakens, the respiratory and gastrointestinal systems weaken, then finally your skin is effected.

This same pattern is exactly what you see with toxic mold exposure. The overall effect is best described as a “demolitating disorder”. You get MS like symptoms. You get numbness, tingling, muscle weakness, headaches of a different intensity and length, memory loss, confusion, you get lost easily, the symptoms are widespread. Problem is, this man wasn’t diagnosed with toxin exposure. Instead, doctors told him he has chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia!

Here’s where this moldy story get’s very interesting.

This mans 3 kids were also sick. One day he brought in his 6 year old daughter to see me. Now get this, she was fully developed. By that, I mean she already had pubic hair like an adult and had gone through 2 menstrual periods.

From experience, I know that fusarium mold is an estrogenic mycotoxin. Meaning it mimics estrogen. On a hunch I recommended for him to call a mold removal company in New Jersey. This company came out, collected samples and sent them to a lab. The following day the remediation company called me back. Turns out the spore count of fusarium mold was over 140,000 PPM! The mold company went back to his home with an infrared gun. They got to kitchen, pointed the gun at the floor and found a “hot spot”.

With the permission of the homeowner they tore out the floor. And what to do they see? A thriving, black, 4 inch thick colony of mold.

We decided to run specific blood tests on all 4 family members. Which finally confirmed it wasn’t the welding, it wasn’t the lake, it was the *mold* growing in his kitchen subfloors that his entire family was being exposed to. For further assurance, the remediation company tested the lake and found extremely low, non-toxic levels of arsenic, lead and palladium.

Finally, the home was remediated for mold and diagnosis changed!

The mold removal company did a great job killing off all the mold. Three months afterwards, a post verification test showed fusarium mold still existed. But only at levels of 880 PPM. Well under the 10,000 PPM threshold. Most importantly, after almost 2 years of changing doctors, medicines and diagnoses, the health of all 4 family members returned to normal.

Last time I saw the man he thanked me for “saving his life”. Which I did not. I simply chose not to be willfully ignorant to the decades of research showing how toxic mold really is. If only more doctors could realize this, the world would be a much healthier place.

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