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(Story) How Mold Sickness Gets Misdiagnosed by Doctors

A Personal Story: Why Mold Sickness Commonly Gets Misdiagnosed by Doctors? When toxic mold exposure gets misdiagnosed by ignorant doctors. Mold is a serious problem that grows in homes worldwide. And every day people are being exposed to the toxins that mold can emit. The problem is, so many people are blind to the fact… Read More »

The Art of Waterproofing

How to Keep Water Sports from Damaging Your Luxuries Most trips to the beach, the wake park, the river or the open ocean often involve a lot of remembering where certain gear items are and a few mistakes on packing lists. Mother nature makes sure there will be a lot of guess work about conditions,… Read More »

Building Permits for Home Improvement Projects

Building Permits for Home Improvement Projects Don’t Get Caught Without Yours! Did you know that adding on to your deck or turning your garage into a hobby room may require a home improvement building permit? Fall is the perfect time to complete home improvement projects. Find out if you’ll need a building permit to complete… Read More »

Why Mold Remediation is Critical

When A Home Turns From a Home to a Toxic Mold Generator Living With Mold: Why Remediation is Critical   Keep in mind that 95% of the air humans breath today is indoor air. Whether you’re in your home, your car, or work, the high majority of the time you’re breathing in recycled air. Wet… Read More »